Refresh your Mind, Body, and Soul

Enjoy the quiet solitude of the Library! Renew and relax in the ambiance of the TLC Library! Read, reflect, and refresh every part of your from the busyness of life!

Enjoy the Atmosphere for your Small Group

Want to host a Small Group? Don’t have a centralized location? Be welcomed into the TLC Library! Its quaintness provides a fertile atmosphere for intimate and accountable groups that want to share the Gospel, a teaching, and each other’s lives! The Library can accommodate several people and host a multitude of Small Group Functions! Talk to one of the Pastors or Leaders for more information!

We know you want a GREAT book to read!
Self Check-In / Check-Out Instructions:

  1. Choose something that catches your eye!
  2. Locate the Library Card in the pocket at the back of the book
  3. Write your name on the Library Card and Date of Borrow
  4. Place the Library Card in the “Check-Out” Box
  5. Return the book at your earliest convenience in the “Return Books Here” basket

Did a Book Bless You?

If you enjoyed a book immensely, we want to know about it!
Help us fill our library with special and fulfilling books!
Write us a note about your favorite book!

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